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Welcome to Renew You Wellness Centre where you find solutions to remove your stress, overcome your symptoms and live a better quality of life. Come in and learn how to create better health.

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What makes Lyndy an Internationally Renowned Wellness Specialist?

What you are about to discover is a completely unique process unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Our Approach

Lyndy Saltmarsh, has experience in both Allopathic and Complementary Medicine. She offers a holistic approach to your healthcare that gives lasting results. Her 35+ years of knowledge & background in medicine, combined with complementary medicine, gives you a unique advantage to resolving your health issues.

Renew You Transformation Programs

One on one consultations and online training programs

Private Consulting & Coaching

Comprehensive Wellness Consulting

We use a number of modalities to reset and retrain your brain and nervous system. These include various reflexes on your body, emotional stress diffusion, eye patterning and many more.

Neuro Reset Program

Retrain Your Nervous System To Create A New You

This unique process brings you out of your stress response, a defensive state, enabling you to function better on all levels. Creating mental clarity, emotional balance and physical wellbeing.

Mentorship Group

Ongoing Support Group

In this group you learn the tools and processes to change life long habits in a safe and supportive community.

Your consultation involves a detailed history of your life to understand how you have created your symptoms, nutritional advice and nervous system retraining.

All appointments take place in one of two environments. Either in the comfort of our soothing clinic’s or online in the comfort of your own home.

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The clinics are conveniently located at Suite 32/140 Church Street, Richmond 3121 and at 31 Ian Road, Mount Martha, Vic 3934.

140 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia
31 Ian Rd, Mount Martha VIC 3934, Australia

We Take A Wholistic Approach

Retrain your brain and nervous system to maximize your potential. Start taking control of your life, health and relationships.

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140 Church Street, suite 32 Richmond VIC 3121

31 Ian Rd, Mount Martha VIC 3934


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