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Private Consulting

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    I take a comprehensive history of your life and the events that have resulted in your symptoms. This could involve a recent stress or as far back as childhood. A trauma, an accident or surgery and many other stresses….

    I start with identifying your defence patterns, your Fright, Flight and Fight  which sets off FEAR response. I reset the nervous system usually by spinal correction and support the changes with either nutrition or herbal remedies.

  • A deep and thorough understanding of your issues.

  • Over 35+ years of experience to get to the cause of the problem and help resolve it.

  • The results of my expertise are: An increase in your recuperation/healing energy so that you feel a whole lot better…. Increase energy, better sleep, hormonal balance, less anxiety, better digestion, Improved immunity, and a better quality of life.

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    Why Is The The Best Consulting?

    lyndy consulting

    At Renew You Wellness Centre Lyndy offers a unique way of combining various natural therapies to help you recover from your symptoms. Using the latest in Neuro science combined with Naturopathy she helps retrain your nervous system to work better and supports those changes with Herbs, Nutrition and homoeopathy.

    As every individual has different needs so too does every consultation. What you can expect though is a thorough and detailed assessment of you and your needs. This may involve identifying a nutritional program, identifying psychological strategies to use when needed, massaging reflex points to stimulate your lymphatic system or performing emotional stress diffusion to help you cope with trauma or stress

    Private sessions in Kinesiology and Neuro Training provide you with one on one time to train your nervous system to be more integrated and to access your natural abilities to maintain the changes. This allows you to create what you want, rather than what you don't want. The results allow you to heal yourself, work through the old habitual patterns and develop new supportive ones.

    She has over 35 years of experience in both Allopathic and Complementary medicine. She takes a holistic look at your life and works with you and your needs so you can live a healthier, happier life.

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    The result for you is a complete analysis and assessment of your health, mental emotional and physical. A session with Lyndy will leave you feeling renewed, with the knowledge and feeling of confidence that someone understands your issues and that you are on the path to finding long term solutions for your health & wellbeing

    lyndy salt

    Lyndy Saltmarsh

    Her goal is to help you live a better life, to be well in all ways, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.