This is because your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your brain, your subconscious. All our memories and life events are stored in our subconscious. When the muscle response is inappropriate it is because there is a “glitch” in the feedback mechanism, the connection from brain to nervous system to muscle back to brain. The feedback mechanism is not working as well as it could be and is reflected in the muscle tone.

A big part of Neuro-Training uses the advances in Neuro-Science as primary references in how it is used and developed. Neuro-Training educates the person and their nervous system in such a way as to be able to change at a very primal and organic way with and without the need for the use of Kinesiology. 

For all of us, life and the experiences we have in life, condition us in certain ways. As a result we often get caught up in doing the same thing, the same way without much thought. If this conditioning is not ideal, you can become sick, confused, stressed or worse, continue to live those unsupportive habits of your ancestry. This not only includes your health patterns, but also how you think, act and respond.

Neuro-Training ‘re-conditions’ how your subconscious and your nervous system view your life experience. It also re-trains the patterns of how your subconscious thinks your life should be. Neuro-Training allows you to move beyond your challenges and expand your life metaphor by focusing on Training you rather than by trying to find a 'fix for a problem'. With this in mind we do not focus on health or health issues, but rather on helping the nervous system to learn how to recuperate from the 'conditioning' it has created, as a consequence of life experiences. 

For all of us, our view of life is based on our own perception. We all see life through our own filters and our own biased view. If these perceptions work against us, we are not able to access and use our natural inborn intelligence and excel as best we can.

If our perceptions have been clouded from a young age, we spend years compensating for these misperceptions. This has a domino effect on many aspects of our life. It effects who we think we are, it even affects, the growth of our own identity. As a result, many people go through life and realize at a mature age, that they don’t even know themselves. 

Those principles are based on treating the whole person, not just the affected area. They include:

· First, Do No Harm 

· Healing Power of Nature 

· Treat the Cause 

· Treat The Whole Person 

· Doctor as Teacher

· Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

 Naturopathy encompasses a variety of treatment methods including:

· Herbal Medicine to help prevent and treat various illnesses

· Dietary and Nutritional advice for restoration of balance, detoxification and prevention of disease

· Lifestyle advice to promote well-being and to reduce stress

· Flower essences to enhance the emotional aspect of healing

· Soft tissue manipulation to rebalance the body's systems, to reduce pain and to enable detoxification

· Homoeopathy

Naturopathic treatments restore balance to the person and assist in treating and preventing disease. Some of the more common conditions treated include fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, digestive problems, hormonal issues, pain. However, you do not need to be unwell to benefit from naturopathy.

By understanding what foods make up these different categories and learning which food groups suit you and your metabolism best, you can lose weight, maintain a healthy weigh, increase your energy and sleep better. As well as feeling more energetic and have better relationships and self-esteem.

Choosing the right foods also helps you detoxify the pesticides, heavy metals, trans fatty acids, allergens, toxins, excess sugar, coffee, alcohol and additives in your diet. These toxins undermine your energy, fertility and immunity.

Herbal medicines can be taken in the form of tablets, extracts, teas, essential oils or ointments.

Herbs having Medicinal PropertiesIn nature, there are a huge variety of herbs with medicinal properties that are used to prepare herbal medicines. Here are some examples of herbs and how they can assist you.

Echinacea helps strengthen immune system and protects from flu and common cold.Feverfew is used to prevent migraine headache and also helps manage allergies, rheumatic disease and arthritis.Ginkgo increases oxygenation and blood circulation and helps improve memory and concentration.Valerian is a muscle relaxant and a mild sedative and helps deal with insomnia.Ginger decreases and prevents vertigo, nausea and vomiting.

Eg. Eczema, depression, anxiety, cough, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, catarrh, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, hay fever, upper respiratory tract infection, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, allergy, fibromyalgia, migraine, Crohn’s disease, premenstrual syndrome, chronic rhinitis, headache.

Over-the-counter homeopathic medicines that you can buy in high street shops tend to be in either the 6c or 30c potency. 6c means that the substance has undergone 6 steps in a series of dilutions, where each step involves diluting 1 part medicine to 99 parts alcohol/water.

The more stages of dilution and succussion the preparation has gone through, the more potent the medicine is – so a 30c medicine is more potent than a 6c medicine.

At Renew You Wellness Centre we use Kinesiology to identify the precise remedy and the potency you require to challenge your system to recuperate. Once the remedy is identified we can balance you to the remedy, so that it has the maximum effect. This will impact your Nervous System and support your recuperation to better Health and Happiness

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