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What's Included:

The secrets to overcoming your inner fears

Value: $1,000

The one thing you must do every day to think more clearly

Value: $2,000

How to increase your creativity to a whole new level

Value: $1,200

Simple moves to improve your Focus, Mental Agility, Planning and Memory.

Value: $1,000

Expressing yourself can be better and easier than you ever imagined

Value: $1,200

Handle emotional stress better than you ever have in two simple steps

Value: $1,000

Release unexpressed and trapped emotions without drugs so you feel less stressed.

Value: $1,000

The technique that will extend your life by 10-15 years

Value: $3,000

Learn how to change your habits so they enhance your capabilities

Value: $2,500

Reduce Inflammation and at the same time disease

Value: $1,500

Lose weight permanently without dieting, starving yourself or working out

Value: $4,000

Understand what foods suit you, your brain function and your flexibility

Value: $2,000

Total Value: $25,600

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