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The #1 thing that will distinguish you from everyone else is...

the small changes that you make in your daily habits that create big changes in your life.

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It’s Your Habits That Help You Create The Quality of Life and Your Success.

You may think that having balance in your life is something for other people and not you. But to be successful wealthy and healthy you need to have good hobbits as well as make good choices.

“To Balance Your Life Is Essential! There Are Four Things I Make Available To Everyone.”

  • Increased Confidence

  • Better Relationships

  • Better Health

  • Support by a like minded community.


The Three Insights To Living A Balanced Life:

Reset Your Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

Restore Your Emotional Intelligence

Retrain Your Nervous System


Why Mentor With Lyndy?

Lyndy has been a Holistic Medical Specialist for over thirty years, which means Lyndy can listen to your problems, challenges, health issues and diagnose you in minutes.

She will be able to identify health issues that potentially no one has been able to help you with. If you want to work with someone that restores your balance in life, helps you overcome struggles, doubts as well as negative habits, Lyndy is the only logical choice.

Through her work with 1000’s of clients from all walks of life, Lyndy has discovered the most common health challenges that plague people like you.

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Here's What You Get


  • One Year membership to mastermind group to inspire you and change your life. ($497 Value)

  • Monthly transformation group session to experience shifts in all areas of life. ($3000 Value)

  • Dedicated time with Lyndy and your group each month to focus on specific topic (Priceless)

  • Free Videos downloads to guide you to achieve rapid and permanent results. ($375 Value)

  • A community of support where you can share experiences with like-minded people. (Priceless)

  • The chance to experience “life-changing” live therapy sessions. (Priceless)

  • Access to guest experts who share knowledge, wisdom, and insights. ($500 Value)

  • Accountability partnerships and opportunities for deep connections. (Invaluable)

  • Total Value - $4,372 

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    Lyndy Saltmarsh