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35+ Years

Operating Clinics

25 Years+

“I am able to live a normal life again and my doctor has taken me off my medication. I no longer need surgery. I owe Lyndy so much.”

C .D. Sorrento

“My experience of only three sessions at the Renew You wellness centre has been one of complete surprise! I have no more pain, I am re-energised and my life has new meaning. The emotional rebalancing has been the most valuable and positive part.”

E. B. Vic

“My 2 year old daughter had eczema on her back from her neck to her bottom and I had tried everything and everyone to clear it. So I took her to see Lyndy and within 2 weeks it was gone. Completely gone!”

G.N. Seaford

“Watching Lyndy in action is both impressive & reassuring and instills confidence that you are in good hands.”

N.C. Rye

 Hi Lyndy, You won't remember me, I came to see you many years ago and you changed my life. I have had a real calling to let you know this lately. Hence the reason for reaching out. Since I last saw you I have become a Kinesiologist too and I run my own clinic in Essendon. I felt it was important to let you know as I often wonder about some of my one off clients and not knowing if they were able to make changes in their lives. You gave me clarity around my fertility issues which enabled me to let go and achieve other things in my life. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Dee Essendon


Physical books and workbooks

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What Makes Us The Most Best in Australia?

What you will discover with Renew You is a completely unique service unlike anything else you will find in Australia.

lyndy training

Our approach

Lyndy’s experience in both the Allopathic and Complementary Medicine means she can offer a holistic approach to your health. She has the knowledge & background of a highly trained nurse with the understanding & contemporary thinking of a natural therapies practitioner.

The result for you is a complete analysis and treatment plan that is tailored to your body, mind & spirit. A session with us will leave you feeling renewed but more importantly feeling confidant that someone understands your issues and that you are on the path to finding long term solutions for your health & wellbeing.

RenewYOU Wellness Transformation Program

Online training programs....

Private Consulting

Comprehensive Wellness Consulting

We use various reflexes on the body, emotional diffusion, and eye patterning, among other techniques, to reset and retrain your nervous system.

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Neuro Reset Program

Premium ongoing training

Taking you through process to increase your energy, reduce stress, think and communicate better by re-training your nervous system.

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Mentorship Group

Support & Creative Group

Ongoing support that gives your connections to like minded people to grow and develop every aspect of your health and well-being.

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Providing a tailored experience

All your appointments will take place in either our soothing clinic’s or the comfort of your own home if the consultation is online.

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Come to One of Our Clinics or Speak to us tele-health

Our Clinic is conveniently located at Suite 32/140 Church Street, Richmond 3121 and at 31 Ian Road, Mount Martha, Vic 3934.
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We Take A Wholistic Approach

Harness and retrain your mind, body and emotions to maximize your life potential in this new age of technological isolation. There are many ways to take back control of your trajectory, relationships and situation in your life.

Renew You Wellness is 100% Australian owned and operated. The service is now not just in Mt Martha and Melbourne, it is now accessible anywhere anytime digitally.

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